Jim Muir

Dr Jim Muir is a dermatologist in public, private, and virtual practice in Brisbane, Australia.  Jim qualified as a dermatologist in 1994 and has worked in the same location ever since.  He is a general dermatologist, but through private practice sees predominantly skin cancer patients.  Jim has been the Director of the Department of Dermatology at the Mater Public Hospital, South Brisbane, since 1995.  He has been extensively involved in the education and training of dermatology registrars over this time.  In 2003, Jim became the Tele-dermatologist with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine on their site TeleDerm National.  In this role he has been involved in providing online consultations and educational advice to doctors Australia-wide.

Jim comments that motivation for founding the Australian Skin Cancer Academy with his colleagues has been to try to provide affordable, and accessible, practical, evidence-based training in the field of skin cancer medicine and general dermatology to Australian medical practitioners.

Jim also has a special interest in medico-legal work, which has given him more insight into the legal pitfalls that confront doctors dealing with skin cancer medicine.